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Campus outfits & other Facilities

Shaheed Minar

The shaheed Minar of the college stands next to the student's Union Office building annexed to the Shah Alam Bir-Uttam Milanayatan premises.

Garlands and floral wreaths are laid here with due solemnity by the teachers, students, doctors, nursrs, officers and staff of both the College and the Hospital on the occasions like, shaheed day, Independence Day, Bijoy dibash etc.


A grand auditorium adorns the northwestern skyline of the campus named 'Shah Alam Bir-Uttam Milanayatan' after the valiant freedom fighter Late dr. Shah Alam Bir-Uttam, and with a capacity of about thousand spectators. It has all the infrastructures and facilities of a modern auditorium like air conditioning, comfortable seats, large stage, green room, lighting and sound system. It is the hub of all the cultural activities and competitions of the campus for both students and teachers alike. Culture, Literary, Social welfare and other Departments of the Students' Union organize literary , social and cultural programs frequently.

. The esteemed auditorium wears up a festive look during the annual literary and cultural competitions of the students.

Worships & Rituals

There is complete religious freedom inside the campus for all. All the religious beliefs and practices are represented here. There is a Hostel Mosque in the main Male Hostel and a central Mosque annexed to the Hospital and the college. Religious festivals of all the religions are celebrated with much zeal and fervour within the campus.